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Sturdy counter scales with high performance color display 7", perfect for all applications in the retail trade and shops. The mechanical keyboard guarantees the fast and easy typing by the operator.


• TFT high definition color display for improve products sales throught beautiful images.
• Fast, accurate, mechanical, and waterproof keyboard, with 69 keys including 33 functional keys and 36 easily configurable for PLU's, TLU's and 6 additional operators.
• Thermal printer speed of 80mm/sec for normal thermal paper or for Linerless adhesive with paper 57mm wide, and outer diameter max. 50mm.
• Print width of up to 48mm.
• System for easily loading the paper.
• DIE-CAST ALUMINIUM base, stainless steel and polymer structure.
• Stainless steel plate, 370x310mm (LxW) size.
• 230Vac power supply with long-lasting built-in rechargeable battery.


• Scale mode: multi-transaction ticket, labeling, Single ticket also with PLU priority.
• Database of 7000 PLU's, 72 with direct access.
• 50 PLU groups.
• 999 ingredient lists.
• 4 VAT rates.
• 10 advertisement messages with 60 images.
• Queue-system.
• 8 payment modes.
• 2 kinds of short and long term totals.
• 6/12 operators.
• 3 programmable password levels.
• Weighing tare, operator tare, PLU's tare, pre-stored and configurable tare.
• Reopening of the last tickets, discounts, rebates, cash management, customer management.