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sirman 1650/2020/2400/3100 inox

Features: - Made of stainless steel AISI 304. - Interlocked drip tray accessible dal'esterno. - ATM easily removable for easy cleaning. - Pulleys finished aluminum polished. - Sealed bearing upper pulley. - Powerful ventilated induction motors and protected with sealing ring. - Controls 24V with safety microswitch on door and drawer, redundant control unit and motor brake (CE). - Quick release top pulley for easier cleaning and blade replacement. - Scrapers easily removable and replaceable. - Single-phase motor with thermal protection as standard. - Washable with water spray (no high pressure). - Controls stainless steel IP 67. - They use a 20 mm tempered blades for cutting bones, frozen and fresh. - Powerful engine with 6 and 8 poles with little power consumption (SO2400 and SO3100). Options: - Sliding. - Faster motors for specific frozen. - Pulley SO1650 steel AISI 304. - Pulley SO2400 with a border of stainless steel AISI 304.
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