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mincer sirman Master 90

Meat grindern mixer with high hourly production wheels

Features: Construction in AISI 304 stainless steel washable with water spray. 2-phase independent motors with thermal protection (CE version): • 1.5 Hp paddle mixer / conveyor • 5 or 7 Hp Hp meat grinder • Planetary gearbox oil bath seal meat grinder • Reducer Worm bath seal oil on the conveyor. Grinding unit: • Made of stainless steel AISI 304 • Designed for high-performance • High performance even in the second and subsequent passes • Production per hour effective 900-1.100 kg / h • Production rate theoretical 3500 Kg / h • Remainder 50-90 g • Stainless steel drive shaft • Pin Tempered steel worm • Quick disassembly mouth and fins without the use of tools • Safety switch on lid and mouth • Self-opening lid managed by air pistons • Controls stainless steel IP 67 with reverse (CE version). Options available: • Splash steel • Foot switch • unger partial steel • unger total steel • Protection for mouth plates with 8> mm • Wide range of plates and knives.
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