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Custom X Kube

Powerful and technological fiscal printer

Using the latest IT technologies such as the ARM processor and an SQL database, X KUBE F offers a performing product thanks to its characteristics such as 250mm/sec printing speed and print graphic coupons! From the consolidated KUBE F, X KUBE F inherits the mechanical structure and therefore all the functional features such as easy roll change "EasyLoad", electronic journal (in addition to MMC and SD) and introduced USB technology for the use of software service. X KUBE F guarantees full compatibility with the communication protocols CUSTOM and XON / XOFF, making printing instantly used with existing business applications, without requiring modifications to the software. Functionalities: • Processor Samsung 266 MHz ARM • Mass Memory 32 MB • RAM memory 2 MB • promotional graphics memory 6 MB • Electronic journal on MMC and / or SD cards up to 2.000.000 lines (approx. 500 rolls) • Internal memories and EJ on standard USB Mass Storage Protocol. • External alphanumeric keyboard with 35 customizable positions • External two-sided LCD 2x20 characters • Thermal printing high-resolution (203 dpi 8 dots / mm) • Print speed 250mm/sec • Two RS232 serial ports, a USB port, a PS / 2 port • Dedicated drawer port (6, 12, 18, 24 Volts) • Auto Calendar perennial • Remote programmable scrolling message • 100 units (with minimum and maximum limits) programmable • Department groups for aggregate statistics • 50,000 items also barcode • 300 customers in credit • 30 forms of payment • 8 sale modifiers (discounts and surcharges) • 10 VAT rates • VAT groups for aggregate statistics • Reports fiscal, financial and statistical • Graphic logos on head and tail • Promotional and graphic coupon • CUSTOM and XON / XOFF • Driver Windows, OPOS, JavaPOS


140mm (W) x 208mm (D) x 152mm(H)
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