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ideal 1134

Manual cutter 350mm

Prodotto soggetto a variazioni di prezzo giornaliere.

Manual cutter, equipped with special alloy blade, adjustable fence. Re-sharpened blade, adjustable fence. Work plan with silk-screened graduated scale in millimeters, manned by a team batting on the plane adjustable front and rear, with tamper Manual transparent. The base improves grip knurled ring. Equipped with hand protector. Features: • Cutting width: 350 mm. • Team batting front and rear • Tamper manual • Based serrated to improve grip seal. • Work with scale in mm. • Cutting thickness max: 25 sheets gr. 70. • Plan Format: 304x385 mm. • Screen lower edges • Data formats screenprinted on plan.
Dimensions: 310mm (W) x 340mm (D) x 570mm (H) Weight: kg 4
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