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Ineo +224

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Panel management practical and intuitive Control panel with individually controlled Direct integration of timesaving solutions Finish flexible and media versatility Exceptional security features and environmentally friendly Functions Copy and Print up to 22/22 ppm A4 and up to 14/14 ppm A3 in color / black and white Scans up to 80 ipm opm/160 color / black and white Optional Super G3 fax for fast transmission and digital reception, Polling, time shift, PC-Fax, Receipt to confidential box, receipt e-mail, FTP, SMB Standard: 800 MHz integrated controller Media Standard: 1,150 sheets, max. 3650 sheets 500-sheet universal cassette (B5 width - A3, 52-256 g / m²) 150-sheet bypass (A5 in length - SRA3, width: 90-320, length: 139.7 to 1200, 52-300 g / m²) for transparencies, labels, banner paper, cardboard Finish Inner finisher with corner stapling and 2 points, max. 500 sheets Optional internal finisher: Punch kit (2-4 holes) Finisher with 50-sheet stapling, max. 3200 sheets + 100 sheets (internal tray), stapling max. 50 sheets Optional for 50-sheet finisher: saddle stitch unit for booklets (saddle stitching, folding in half and triple), punch kit (2-4 holes) Also available Ineo +284 (28/28 ppm A4 and up to 14/14 ppm A3) and Ineo +364 (36/36 ppm A4 and up to 18/18 ppm A3).


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