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Custom Big III Touch

Functionality and ease of use

Cash register touch complete, the technological evolution of BIG II TOUCH, allowing you to see the preview of the bill on the monitor. BIG II TOUCH is revolutionary aesthetics, performance and functional need of the store. It will allow you to increase the number of PLUs, all accessible via keyboard. Functionalities: - Monitor 7" with LED technology - Embedded LCD customer and operator displays - Embedded 58mm printer with easy paper loading - Touch screen keyboard, 5 wires - 5 working pages with PLUs and pre-programmable items - Preview of the receipt or journal - View of sales statistical charts per category and time slots - Report and data sending via e-mail - Approved for invoice printing on fiscal receipt - Approved for negative receipts (change practice) - Connectable to PC - Internal SQL Database - Electronic Journal on SD card - Customizable receipt graphics - Management of cash fund and cash withdrawals - Table management: item entry, changes, table content printing, table joining and clearing - Windows, OPOS, JavaPOS, POS.net drivers - Fitted for EFT/POS connection for electronic payments (eg. credit cards)


248mm (W) x 246mm (D) x 123mm (H)
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