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Much more than a simple cash register

Offering reliable, accurate, real-time reporting and an easy-to-use interface CassaNova is the answer to cafés and restaurants needs. CassaNova, thanks to its simplicity and operating speed, fully meets all the necessary features for this kind of business. It is possible to set up and manage any type of item, category, price as well as charge accounts to have a clear view of what your cafè or restaurant offers, speeding bills and offering an exceptional service to your customers. Highly intuitive, employees learn to use CassaNova in a few minutes … and they fall in love with it! What’s the result? Happier employees and satisfied customers! MANAGE BAR TABS Allow your customers to leave open bar tabs without fear of losing control on uncollected sales. With CassaNova you can open an account dedicated to customer, keep it in memory, modify it by adding or deleting products already paid and finally, if unused, delete it. Say goodbye to paper and pen, choose Cassanova! PRINT ORDERS If you do Take Away, CassaNova also allows you to print order tickets and deliver it to the customer. Order tickets are useful to not create confusion while customers line up to receive what they ordered. DO YOU NEED AN INTERNET CONNECTION? Not necessarily, CassaNova is a stand-alone app that doesn’t require an Internet connection to work. However a WiFi network is essential to enable the communication between tablet and printers. KEEP TRACK OF YOUR SUCCESS Successful businesses are based on data-led decisions. With CassaNova you can refer to real-time and accurate sales analytics. Find out your top-selling items, display sales by store, period and time, or employee.Being a know-it-all has never been so fun!
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