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Much more than a cash register

Update your retail location with a sleek and efficient POS App. CassaNova prints receipts, invoices and offers you real-time sales data, inventory management and an effective control of your Point of Sale. It’s time to meet a smarter way to run your business! You can manage your stores from anywhere (pc, smartphone, tablet) and anytime. Access with a web browser to your My.CassaNova account, from the comfort of your home, so you can keep track of everything that happens in your store and display real-time and accurate sales analytics. Plus, your data will stay safe and sound on the Cloud. CassaNova is the ideal solution both for those who run a single shop or manage chain stores. My.CassaNova, is a solution that allows the store manager to check everything on his points of sale anytime and anywhere! The store manager can add products, modify settings, control sales summary reports and even manage stocks and warehouse in real time, also from his smartphone. Each activity can be performed on a single store or across multiple points of sale. With just a single tap, and an internet connection, managers will take real control of their businesses.
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