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Custom Big 3

Easy and complete cash register

Small and powerful cash register. BIG 3 is revolutionary aesthetics, performance and functional need of the store. BIG 3 offers Ethernet connectivity and automatic e-mail sending to forward fiscal data reports about sales and statistics, or for our on line technical assistance. As new technological performance, BIG 3 includes an external device for electronic payments (eg. Credit card) printing the receipts directly together with the payment one. Functionalities: - Online (Ethernet) cash register - 42 keys alphanumeric embedded keyboard - Embedded LCD customer and operator displays - Embedded 58mm printer with easy paper loading - Fidelity Service on line - Automatic e-mail sending - Approved for invoice printing on fiscal receipt - Approved for negative receipt (change practice) - Connectable to PC - Internal SQL Database - Electronic journal on SD - Customizable receipt graphics - 400MHz ARM FAMILY new processor - Fitted for EFT/POS connection for electronic payments (eg. credit cards) - Driver Windows, OPOS, JavaPOS e POS.net - One dedicated drawer port (6 Volts)


248mm (W) x 246mm (D) x 123mm (H)
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