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Player, CRM - Solution for marketing and sales

CMR Solution

The CRM solution fits the needs of companies that want to manage in a timely manner all information related to their customers, and potential customers, to activities that are designed to improve the quality of services before and after sales. Player allows you to track, organize, find and share all the information that makes up a wealth of fundamental importance for the company. It will be so easy to outline and organize groups of contacts, log activities, and assess the efficiency of marketing campaigns or a fair, check the progress of a commercial negotiation ... in general it will be able to easily and intuitively manage all those activities that can be organized in stages, events and streams. Player handles for example: - Marketing Campaigns - Commercial activities - The fairs - Events - The help desk for your customers - The non-compliance - The debt collection What are the advantages of Player? - Information always available and shared - Status of task progress always under control - Reduction of errors due to lack of information - Analysis and statistics are always available to evaluate the effectiveness of a campaign Player is available online, by phone, blackbarry, iphone, ipad, etc..
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