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Arca e-GO

Management solution

Arca eGO is the management solution that meets the functional requirements and ease of use of small businesses looking for a simple but complete solution. It 's the ideal management solution for small businesses, artisans, merchants, shops, professionals able to satisfy the daily needs of the user in which, first, the speed and simplicity in the performance of their work. Easy starting the installation: Arca eGO has been designed to simplify the task of those who use it without removing functions that are fundamental for any business such as the ability to send documents via email, as an attachment, starting from the managerial. FUNCTIONAL Arca eGO allows you to fully manage the sales cycle, from order to invoice, catalog price lists for individual products, kits, bills of materials, send the documentation by e-mail and / or fax to your business partners or opt for the classic print. The shopkeeper retail for example, can work with touch screen interface to issue receipts quickly and eventually connect to the cash register. With the same ease and immediacy, Arca eGO allows you to manage your business with their suppliers and ensure an accurate quantification of inventories. Accounting and schedule are an integral part of the solution. From the first note, the production of documents VAT, by automatic recording of receipts, payments, outstanding bills, printing ledgers and tax returns, the user can also be autonomous administrative area. The schedule is completely passive and active management, such as the ability to emit effects, prepare bills for the Bank, send files Ri.Ba through home banking, view saldaconti clients \ vendors, send reminders to customers who do not pay . Arca eGO has many statistics that can be immediately consulted to understand the situation of their business: sales, purchasing, margin, material or received, inventory, commission to be paid, and so on, all printable files converted into. pdf, shared via e-mail.
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