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Shredders EBA 1324 (fragment)

Design and functionality for the office.

Prodotto soggetto a variazioni di prezzo giornaliere.

Functionalities: • Multi-functional switch for the operations of start / stop / reverse • User Guide with illuminated symbols ready / open door / sack / reverse in case of paper jam • Automatic switch-off in case of paper jam • cabinet on wheels • Equipped with environmentally friendly reusable plastic bag (35 liters) • With SPS (Safety Protection System), flap of plastic sheets in the introduction • Equipped with ESM system for greater energy savings - after 1 hour of standby the machine turns off at the same time (the LED) • Entry Width (mm) 240 • Capacity A4 sheets (70 g/m2) 13-15 / 10-12 • Comfortable amplitude processing mm. 240 hours • Security Level DIN 3/4 • Motor power 390 W • Capacity container 35 • Speed ​​of Destruction (m / s) 0.05 Cutting Size (mm): 4x40 / 2x15 (1324-C FR) 0.8x5 (1324CCC-FR)
395mm (W) x 295mm (D) x 630mm (H)
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