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RCH Flea

Small and easy to use

FLEA is a cash register with excellent technical performance. It has a sleek and attractive design, it stands out for its ultra-compact size. The simplicity of its features makes it the ideal product for retail outlets that do not require advanced solutions, but where they are needed in the first place ease of use and small footprint. A Multimedia Card replaces thousands of rolls of paper of the paper background. And 'possible infinite memory available as an option. Software: • 24 print characters per line • Hello customizable logo and logo Store • cancellation, Starling article, Reversal of receipt, goods returns, Ap. Drawer, Percentage + / -, Discounts, Surcharges, totals for closure, VAT management • 5 Departments in keyboard recalled with direct button • 100 PLU code number and description of 12 characters reading the fiscal memory in print and electronic journal reading sheet of print and PC • Management of up to 4 players with log - in / log - out • Calculation of Rest. Hardware: • Operator Display: LCD, 1 line x 16-character alphanumeric 10 mm • Client side display: LCD, 1 line x 14-character alphanumeric 12 mm • silicone keyboard 28 keys (4 keys double, 5 double function) • Thermal printer High-quality graphics • Roll: 57.5 mm (Ø 50 mm) • Print speed (60 mm / s) and Easyloading system • Print quality thermal, high quality (resolution 8dot/mm) • Electronic Journal (EJ) on Multimedia card (with Protocol MCT) • Paper end sensors (space 0) / Cover open • 1 RS-232 with RJ45 connector for connection to PC • 1 RJ11 connector (12 V) per drawer • External power supply OUT 6Vdc/3.8A - 24 W • Version walking (Built-in battery inside, rain cover) The version available isn't dedicated to street vendors if they do not dispose of electricity connection. For them a battery is required.


240mm (W) x 110mm (D) x 150mm (H)
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